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Carillon System

The Carillon® Mitral Contour System® is a percutaneous mitral annuloplasty therapy designed to be deployed utilizing standard interventional techniques. The implantable device consists of a proximal anchor and a distal anchor connected by a shaping ribbon. Utilizing the proximity of the coronary sinus to the mitral annular apparatus, the device is designed to reduce mitral annulus dilatation upon deployment, thereby reducing functional mitral regurgitation (FMR). Rapidly delivered via the venous vasculature, the Carillon device has the potential to treat most heart failure patients in a minimally invasive fashion. Clinical data demonstrates that usage of the Carillon implant is associated with reduction in FMR, and improvement in functional capacity and quality of life.

Mitral annulus dilation before implantation of Carillon device

Mitral annulus cinched with Carillon device

Mitral annulus remodeled with Carillon device


The Carillon device is currently the only right-sided implantable device designed and CE Marked to treat FMR.
  • Short implant time
  • No requirement for additional anti-coagulation therapy
  • No requirement for general anesthesia
  • No atrial-septal defect (ASD) created
  • All adjunctive treatment options remain available


More than 100 patients have completed long-term follow-up in international, prospective, multicenter clinical trials with the Carillon Device. Through these studies the device has shown itself to be effective, efficient and flexible.1, 2, 3


  • Reverse remodeling: Improvement in all measured ventricular dimensions
  • Functional improvement: 80% improved ≥1 NYHA Class by 3 months and >100m improvement in 6 minute walk distance
  • Restored quality of life: 20-point improvement in cardiomyopathy (KCCQ) quality of life score


  • Short Procedure: Typically less than one-hour implant time
  • Safe: No device-related major adverse events in clinical studies to date


  • Individualized: Lengths and anchor sizes individually selected for patient anatomy


TITAN Change in Regurgitant Volume

TITAN Reverse Remodeling (LVESV)

TITAN and TITAN II Functional Improvement – Implanted Patients