Heart Failure and Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR)

If you have heart failure, you know how this condition affects your quality of life. Simple daily activities like preparing meals, visiting with friends, or even moving from room to room can require major effort and leave you exhausted. An estimated 26 million people suffer from heart failure worldwide, and the number is growing rapidly.

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body. The heart tries to compensate by growing larger and this increase in size causes the mitral valve to stretch, which in turn leads to the mitral valve leaking and mitral regurgitation. Unfortunately, this further compromises the function of the heart and so the heart failure worsens over time.

Functional mitral regurgitation (FMR) is due to the mitral valve not closing tightly, resulting in blood flowing or leaking backwards in the wrong direction. This further decreases the amount of oxygenated blood that is pumped out to the body and increases the symptoms associated with heart failure and decreases the quality of life of those who have been diagnosed. Approximately 70 percent of those with heart failure have FMR.


Carillon System

The Carillon Mitral Contour System® is a minimally-invasive treatment option, uniquely designed to treat FMR. The Carillon implant is placed using a non-surgical, minimally invasive (catheter-based) technique in a vein on the outside of the heart that is adjacent to the mitral valve. This simple procedure is designed to reshape the mitral valve, reduce valve leakage and thus reduce mitral regurgitation.


Results from multiple international clinical studies demonstrate that the Carillon device is effective in reducing the amount of mitral regurgitation. Recipients of the device typically experience improvement in heart failure symptoms and overall quality of life.1, 2, 3, 4


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