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The 2021 ESC guidelines for #heartfailure management introduced “other percutaneous therapies” which includes the #Carillon Mitral Contour System® as the only other non-TEER Class IIb option in the treatment of SMR. Learn more: Carillon_CDI photo

Join us at eSPACE Heart Failure 2021 presented by Translational Medicine Academy in Session 9, which will focus on valvular #heartdisease in #heartfailure. Prof. Dr. med. Horst Sievert will present on “Mitral valve disease—Focus on Carillon”. Register now: Carillon_CDI photo

Being informed of our heart health is one of the easiest ways to prevent heart diseases such as FMR and #heartfailure. With this knowledge, we can feel empowered to make informed decisions to take care of your heart. Get involved this #WorldHeartDay: Carillon_CDI photo